Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weapon X Augmentation

I was really excited to get to create this series of assets for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, not because they were particularly challenging (they were actually pretty simple) but because of their importance.  This tank is where Wolverine had his skeleton covered in indestructible adamantium and received his razor sharp claws, essentially the birth of the character as we know him.

At the time we were working on the Weapon X level, we had no idea how this would look in the film.  I looked to its appearance in X2: X-Men United (as seen during Wolverine's flashback scenes and even more so during his fight with Lady Deathstrike) and tried to recreate it as precisely as possible.  The room was dressed and lit by our environment artists to emulate those flashback scenes as well.  Once we finally received set photos from the Wolverine film we realized they had gone a completely different direction with the look of the room, the tank, pretty much everything.  Rather than scrapping our augmentation room and gear, we simply redressed it slightly and relit it to look more inline with the new film.  The end result was something inbetween the looks of X2 and Wolverine, which worked fine considering our game ended up diverging drastically from the film in many other ways as well.

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